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People may need legal help but may not need the full service of an attorney.
We provide an express, over-the-counter service through our paralegals.
Don't rely on the Internet or Non-Attorney-Form-Filling services.
Start with us. Get proper legal advising. Then, decide for yourself.
-Daniel McGee, Attorney


Real Estate
Transactions Plus!

Buying & Selling real estate has evolved rapidly with the use of Zillow, Trulia & Realtor.com. You may no longer need a realtor, but the most important part...the Transaction remains! WE HANDLE THE COMPLETE TRANSACTION TO CLOSING. 
No Real Estate Agent commissions. Flat fee. SAVE THOUSANDS.


Business Counsel Pro Plus!

Every business should have a good lawyer on their team. WE HELP MAKE YOUR BUSINESS HAPPEN. Free initial advice. From start-up to full implementation of your business idea, we will advise you, and we will assist with financing & investor agreements, and help you be successful. We also provide quick-response, ongoing legal counsel help.


EZ Wills, Trusts & Updates

Take care of the basics to protect your family, business and assets.  We will provide you with a complete estate plan, with a living trust, last will & testament, power of attorney, healthcare directive, and we also provide other asset protection analysis & strategies. Updates & amendments to your existing plan are just as important to get done!


Attorney & Legal
Counsel Plus!

START WITH US FIRST! We provide professional legal counsel representation, starting with advice and direction.  Our process empowers you, and ultimately maximizes your award.


EZ Legal Document Preparation | Paralegal Assistance Full Attorney Representation


1.   Start with us online or call for initial direction.
2.   Decide if you want to do it yourself, have us do it, or 
get our experienced attorney involved.
3.   Tackle the legal matter at your pace, and at a rate 
you can afford.


Law Store Assisted. 
Document Preparation.
We Take Care of It.

Self Help With Advice.
Do It Yourself. We Can Help Direct You.

Full Legal Representation. 
Professional Attorney Advised & Handled.

EZ Legal Menu of Services

Family Matters
Divorce/Separation - From $500 
Divorce Court Filings - $100 
Mediated Settlement Agrmt - From $500 
QDRO Agreement Preparation - $250 
Happy Marriage Contracts - $250 
Paternity Demands - $100 
Guardianship Filing - $150 
Conservatorship Filing - $150 

Life & Estate Planning 
Last Will & Testament - $150 
Living Trusts - $400 
Trust Amendments - $100 
Power of Attorney - $100 
Healthcare Directives - $50 
Personal Matters
Personal Injury - Call
Workers Comp Demand - Call
Name Change - From $299

Court & Legal Services
Attorney Litigation - Call
Paralegal Help - Call
Court Filing Service - $100
Process Serving - From $100
Property & Asset Protection
Property Transfers - $150
Home Sale No Commission Transactions
Deeds/Easements/Other - From $150
Neighbor Dispute Demand - From $150
Lease Agreements - From $150
Credit/Debt Resolution From $250

Evictions - From $500
Demands/Notices - $100
Writ of Possession - $250
Process Serving - From $100

Business & Work
LLC, Corporation Filings - $250
Non-Profit Formation - From $500
IRS 501(c)3 Application - From $350
Trademark/Copyright - From $350
DBA’s/Business Names - From $100
Corp Compliance/Minutes - From $100
Agreements/Contracts - From $100
Collections/Demand Letters  - From $100
Business Dissolution - From $250

Mediation Services
From $500

Online, Free Legal Consult. Ask Us Here.

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